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We are on a mission to start and support ventures for positive change. We are a festival, an accelerator, a business developer, a community, a lab and a kickstarter. We are designers, makers, activists, troubleshooters and coffee lovers.

We are Wunderpeople, World Startup Factory, Border Sessions and Border Labs. You can be part of it. As a partner, a client, a member, a participant, a fan, a startup or an investor. Anyway. It always starts with a meeting.


Technology Festival

Border Sessions

Gathering 2.000 people to explore the opportunities of technology for humans, society and earth.


Technology Labs

Border Labs

Tinkering with technologies to discover new opportunities.


Discovery Agents


A collective of designers, engineers, makers and many others to turn ideas into tangible solutions.


Startup Accelerator

World Startup Factory

Helping startups build successful ventures with positive impact.


Business Development

Dutch Coast

Refurbished Soon. Old school business development.

JungleWorks is the umbrella label for the endeavours of Daniël Steginga and Gerrit Jan van ‘t Veen. Together with our partners we work on many aspects of innovation ranging from exploration and ideation to startup acceleration and business development.


Choose your medium to connect. Everything we do once started with a call or meeting.

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+31 6 34 73 62 22 (Gerrit Jan)
+31 6 24 73 56 85 (Daniël)